Events programs often have a large variety of dynamics, that’s why
you’re enabled to create, manage and schedule different event activities,
such as workshops, small seminars, meetings and much more – all within your event. Also, you can make real-time updates, and allow participants to register
for their preferred or required sessions.

Build your event program and schedule

Go beyond participant’s expectations and create different types of activities to entertain, inform, engage and connect.

Event agenda planning

Manage event activities according to your needs - optional, mandatory, open or private. Create meetings, workshops, training and invite speakers, set the dates and times and capacity.

  • Multiple activities types and tracks
  • Custom fields for each track and activity

Registration management

Determine track participation by deciding if all event participants can partake in each track or if will be exclusive to some attendees. See who has joined each activity and check which program is the most or the least popular.

  • Exclusivity option for each track
  • Sync with the registration module

Multi-track, digital agenda builder

Simply upload agenda spreadsheet to our web dashboard and it turns even the most complicated agenda into a stunning web and mobile agenda. Make a change in one place and it will automatically sync your whole agenda across different websites as well as the Azavista app.

  • Import agenda
  • Promote agenda throughout the platform

Custom agenda branding

Turn your agenda into a custom branded experience consistent across your event site and your event app. From color-coding, session highlights and elaborate speaker pages, you'll have an agenda that looks amazing.

  • Custom color palette
  • Add icons, logos, images and other

Personal Agendas

Announce event sessions to participants and allow them to register for their preferred or required sessions. Help attendees get everything they hope to get out of your event by letting them plan their schedule and explore who else is coming.

  • Personalized agenda for each participant

Waiting lists and capacity management

Configure your event registration to set a constraint on the number of participants per session in order to effectively manage the session capacity.

  • Constraint on the number of participants per session
  • Automatic stop for additional registrations
  • Increase your room capacity for popular sessions

Feedback gathering

Utilize session rating, polls, social sharing, attendee personal schedule, and many other features, to drive attendee engagement directly from within the event agenda.

  • Speakers and activities ratings
  • Sharing across multiple social media platforms

Plus many more features

Add session attachments and downloadable materials to boost attendee interaction

Tag each program item with one or more track or themes to assist users in finding program items that interest them

List special requirements and extra information for each program item such as description, equipment needed and similar

Use private notes for the conference organizing staff to streamline activities

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